Center Stage Performing Arts Academy

"Step into the Light"

Guitar Lessons

Instructor: Matt McDowell

[email protected]

Whether you want to strum a few chords around a campfire, shred your face off in huge arenas or something in between Matt can help.  The guitar is a versatile, timeless instrument.  Master a few simple chords and you’re quickly on your way to a lifetime of enjoyment and satisfaction.  Matt teaches an overall Acoustic Guitar method based on classic rock, folk and country songs.  Within that framework you will explore strumming, fingerpicking and improvisation techniques.  In addition you will learn the songs you want to learn.  Matt’s teaching is a hybrid of rigorous practice mixed with self-directed fun and he tailors the instruction to meet your individual desires and skills.  The guitar rocks!  Always has… always will.  Get started or continue on your guitar journey with Matt:   Tuesdays in the afternoon and evening.

Fee: $25 per half hour lesson- $450 +GST per semester

Time: Tuesday & Wednesday  Afternoon- Evening ( Contact Matt to set up a time)